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This is our treasured Labradoodle, Jake. Jake’s surgeries started at just 9 months of age in 2005 when his “clicky” hips (noticed in dog training classes) lead to a diagnosis of Bilateral Hip Dysplasia followed by a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy on each hind leg just weeks apart. In 2010 – left Cruciate Rupture and surgery. 2012 – Rectal Cancer Surgery. 2014 – right Cruciate Rupture and Surgery. And in 2014 – right Meniscal Tear and surgery. The 2015 diagnosis wasn’t surprising after those poor old front legs carried his back leg injuries for so long. And of course Jake – being Jake – still couldn’t resist bouncing on those front legs when he greeted people! I joined the “Your Dog And Arthritis Academy” because I want to offer Jake the best outcome possible. The program is very informative with easy to follow video instructions – a perfect way to learn all the techniques and knowledge Tim has to share.

I joined the Your Dog And Arthritis Academy with my 18 year old dog, Chocky, because I wanted her to have the best quality of Life possible in her senior years. I knew that things like massage and diet and practical tips on living with a senior dog could really help her, but I needed to get the skills to do it. I found the step by step videos in the different modules to be easy to follow. In particular, I loved how easy it was to find the "landmarks" on my own dog for the massage. If I was unsure I knew that I could just post a video on the Facebook group and get valuable feedback on my technique. So that really boosted my confidence to give it a try. I found it easy, after the initial learning phase, to just incorporate these techniques when we were having quality time together on the couch. I found some practical and common sense tips about diet as well, which were well researched and didn't cost the earth. The Your Dog And Arthritis Academy is well worth the investment, as I have certainly seen the difference it has made to Chocky's quality of life.

Hi, I’m Shirley and I joined the Your Dog And Arthritis Academy from Both Ends Of The Lead. I decided to join it because of my Great Dane, Sparkles, who is 12, and I also thought it was good to use for any other dogs. There are different modules in it. The one that I found really useful is the Massage Module because it creates a good bond between dog and human, and if I want to pat Sparkles, I can sit down and incorporate massage into it rather than just patting her. It’s been great value for me. I can take it around when I’m travelling. I just look at the modules online and see what I need to do and adjust it to suit my dog at the time. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Yes I would. It’s updateable and will always be useful for the future.

Scarlett is my 11 year old Pomeranian and in the last couple of years, she’s really started to slow down even on the short morning walks to school. So I was really pleased to come across the Your Dog And Arthritis Academy. The results have been just sensational. She’s like a sprightly little pup again and it’s such a fantastic program to be able to offer it to your dog regularly at home. She loves the quality time we spend together, giving her massage and looking at acupressure points.

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